In Between Magic: Searching For Eurico Romaguera

You never know where the serendipitous journey of following perfect surf will take you. And if you are following Kiko´s footprints on this blue planet you better embrace some chaos on the way. Eurico Romaguera aka Kiko is a classic surfer who doesn´t like dawn patrols. He is allergic to kooks and bad taste in … Continue reading In Between Magic: Searching For Eurico Romaguera

Print Is Not Dead: Blue Mag

Stoked on another print collaboration, this time in the german magazin Blue. Marlon and Arrifana and a little effort/talent/luck were the ingridients. Starting to feel like a veteran having published in so many countries so many times. Do not mistake this mag for the japanese one with the same name.  

What a Boaring Life: Ashton

Waited for the rockstars to show up for hours, waves was shit. The gods around here have this sense of humor, Zavial had been pumping a few days ago... Ash works for this big americano mag you know, was with this hot surfer and all and I was willing to show him around. This stranger told me: … Continue reading What a Boaring Life: Ashton

Radio Camping

  Catched up with Lee Ann Curren once again. She had a great crew coming here this time: two skaters and a longboarder. I got to shoot her at Praia da Rocha and Arrifana, small and big surf, always super fun! Here´s a couple pics, check it out.

Always on the road: Surf’s up at the Algarve

Got a litlle involved in this clip from OSK and I got to say I am pretty happy about the results. Serious cameraman work, great editing and a nice script resulted in a well sent message. As Alex said, it´s there and it´s growing (the surf scene). Check it out:

Just Look at the Parking Lot Larry

Sorry about the post title, but it´s one of my favourite cinema takes from the movie A Serious Man when the junior rabi tells something like: "you have to look with new eyes...", etc. That´s what I am doing editing this ex b stuff I had on my hard drive. Looking at the parking lot.