What a Boaring Life: Hashton

this is for you hash

Waited for the rockstars to show up for hours, waves was shit. The gods around here have this sense of humor, Zavial had been pumping a few days ago… Hash works for this big americano mag you know, was with this hot surfer and all and I was willing to show him around.


This stranger told me: “Arrifana is nice Dude!” I thought it was too big, too onshore, too empty. Ok. The dude abides. Let´s go Sebastian (my german photographer mate)!

Ahaha! Waves were fun! Leon was catching a ton of them, Marlon, Gony… The gringos! We hunged out, etc. Real cool dudes. It´s a shame I let go of my boar. It ended up in the bars in Lagos where I pitched my story.

his dudeness

Hash: We are making an article on this coast Brek!

Me: Careful man, there’s a beverage here!

mellow loca

Check out Mellow Loco Bar if you are in Lagos.


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Radio Camping


Catched up with Lee Ann Curren once again. She had a great crew coming here this time: two skaters and a longboarder. I got to shoot her at Praia da Rocha and Arrifana, small and big surf, always super fun! Here´s a couple pics, check it out.


The Making of Pauline Ado´s South Trip

Got to shoot Pauline Ado for a couple of days down south, France was cold she said. She suffered a bit: first car acident, rocky dirt roads and empty scary pointbreaks. I am glad Remi, his boyfriend didnt punch me. Surf Girl says they want to publish the pics! Thanks Pedro João for the pics.

Always on the road: Surf’s up at the Algarve

Got a litlle involved in this clip from OSK and I got to say I am pretty happy about the results. Serious cameraman work, great editing and a nice script resulted in a well sent message. As Alex said, it´s there and it´s growing (the surf scene). Check it out:

Just Look at the Parking Lot Larry

Sorry about the post title, but it´s one of my favourite cinema takes from the movie A Serious Man when the junior rabi tells something like: “you have to look with new eyes…”, etc. That´s what I am doing editing this ex b stuff I had on my hard drive. Looking at the parking lot.