Print Is Not Dead: Pacific Longboarder

In the ultra modern age of the 21st century plates are square or even triangular. To be honest, I am pretty conservative when it comes to food, it´s not that I am against brazillian wax, but gourmet, design and sushi... Anyway, found inspiration for my Pacific Longboarder magazine piece in this old plate of mine, check … Continue reading Print Is Not Dead: Pacific Longboarder



It´s nice to get your work exposed to people and even better when people expose themselfs back. I made last years sata airlines pro 6 star wqs poster with mate Royden Bryson who unfortunatly left the tour. Alana is still on tour and gladly seting the example for the local girls: crank it! Follow @jbracourt

Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Just published this article in Surf portugal Mag. It was 3 intense days with hawaian surf, although I have never been to Hawaii, but I guess we can call Azores the portuguese Hawaii. Professional surfer Marco Giorgi was calling it 12 foot on the bigger sets... Here´s Nic on a bomb of of wave that … Continue reading Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Gastão Intruder

Recently took a epic trip to Azores thanks to this guy (droping this mid atlantic bomb here). Besides being one of the best bodyboarders in the world, charges and is super funny and really cool to hang out with, thanks amigo. Follow @jbracourt Related articles From late March to mid-April 2013, SATA Airlines has a … Continue reading Gastão Intruder