Mamiya 6: Indo negatives

Six years ago I went to Indonesia ready to shoot photos. Kids nowadays follow my footsteps trying to get to the photography El Dorado. Besides my Nikon D300, water housing, 50mm, 80/200mm and 500mm monster lenses I also took a Mamiya medium format film camera with me. Here´s some random pics, check it out.


Indo Can Break Your Heart

Maybe this year I wont go to Indo. It´s been 6 straight seasons in the Indic aboard Mikumba Fish, etc. I was feeling nostalgic and went throught this pics am sharing with you. I got an ear surgery to do, well two of them and work and... Damn I miss the place!

My Story

In 2008 I flew from Portugal to Indonesia to learn how to shoot surfing from the water. Instead of making some photography course went one month to Bali followed by two months in the Sumatra region. Rubber meets the road. The "portuguese tiger" Tiago Pires showed up at Canggu with his raw power surfing, he … Continue reading My Story