Stranger Than Friction

cross stepping between tourists

Enjoying the silly season in Praia da Rocha with top friend Mazari Zoio. Waves were small, but spirits were high. The trouble was rubbing your shoulders with the bathing tourists in front of you. Had a surf and then shot this talented lady. No leashes allowed!


My Vespa keys mystireously disapeared and reapeared after this session, hmm. Stranger than fiction…

hang ten

Thanks to Wave Solutions Waterhousings, Shape and Design by Dan Costa and Prolimit.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde


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Crowd 9

I have been surfing this little wedge for 30 years now, sorry… Every now and then some small cats try to scrach my feathers. I hope I hold on a couple of more years. My friend Zé dos Cães went crazy, Xana is dead, it´s only me now… The crowd is getting out of hand.

pico do molhe

Surfer magazine dudes called this the wedge, like newport beach, they said. The sand politicians dumped here made it longer, but fun. All kind of kooks surf it, sup it and bodyboard it. It´s too much sometimes.

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Come back Rory Russel, Dean Pinsack and friends!


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Random Surfers: Maria

Here is Maria, daughter of Joao Rosario, former portuguese spearfishing champion. Beware. She was into sailing, but started surfing full on an year ago. Its a blessing to have her big smile in the water.

not just another pretty face

Brek: How long have you been surfing? 

M: 1 year

Brek: Do you remmember your first good ride? 

M: No but I have some fun ones stuck in my head!

Brek: What´s your regular spot?

M: Praia da Rocha.

go girl

Brek: What´s your favourite type of surfboard?

M: Longboard.

Brek: Have you had any trouble in the water?

M: Cold water is not for me.

Brek: Where was the best session you had lately?

M: Chambre d’Amour,France nice tubes, glass, hot water and a bunch of friends.

dont drop in

Brek: What´s your favorite food?

M:  Anything but meat, seafood is perfect for me.

Brek: Any message you want to leave for the surf community?

M: Live everyday like it was the last!


Master Cleanse: Before & After

before & after

Feeling way happier and healthier, thanks Kelly for the tip! This last picture was taken after a big lunch, we call it sardinhada. I ate sardines, salad a little bit of bread and drank wine! I am just cutting on carbohydrates. Last night had a couple of beers too and Gin tonic, eheh! Need to surf more though. Happy cleansing guys!


Master Cleanse: Day 3

Doing good on my first master cleanse. Feeling light, calm with clear vision. The only shit is the shit: getting rid of it… The salt water flush is quite effective, but is always a pain. Don´t know about the Senna tea I am taking, it´s not doing much. Also got this white tongue, but it´s normal in this detox. Apart from that honkydonky don´t even think about food or craving of any kind, even beer!

Use only none iodonized salt and never table salt for this, two tea spoons in a litre.


The Dangerous Process of Goose Barnacles Harvesting

“We were referred to a surf photographer João Bracourt AKA ‘’Brek’’. Brek was keen on the idea of being our host and accepted to bring us to his secret spot. Our mind was blown by the beauty of the landscape and our tastebuds were in paradise. We were blessed!” Travel Basecamp

Had the pleasure to host this guys around Sagres and showing them a bit of perceves picking, check it out!

The dangerous job of harvesting goose Barnacles in Lagos – Video 2/4 from TRAVEL BASECAMP on Vimeo.