Slep in Carrapateira to watch Doris show. Glad it wasn´t Hercules otherwise our vans would have been trashed really bad. We slep by the rivermouth, not a sensible thing to do… The sky had stars and the temperature was mild, didn´t sleep much thinking about Doris, sorry Bianca.

just look at the parking lot larry

Woke up at 6:30 and headed to Pias Baixas. The swell was massive, but nothing compared to the Hercules 3 years ago and the 2003 one.

tons of water moving
nice shot

It was stil nice to hear the waves pounding the barnacles during the night. The south coast had some waves, but the winds were bad, wen´t to Chinicato for lunch and then a well deserved nap.

the lovely bianca


Não é quando queremos é quando Deus determina.


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People Who Don´t Surf

And here is Marquinho, a dude I know for a long time. Hes not a surfer, but a true waterman, always fishing at ilheu redondo, a small island in the Ingleses, the point of Carrapateira.

happy after a good catch of sargos

Marco needs to padle quite a while to get to his rock nowadays. The harbour where fishermen had their boats got destroyed some years ago.

a bit of climbing…

Its still a simple life in this parts, specially in this cold winter days. I am sure we wouldnt change this place for any in the world.

but the view is rewarding

Thanks for inspiration Marco!


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Yesterday: Bye 2016

My 2016 ended beautifully: catched some perceves,  shot some land photos, went in the water to shoot Marlon, but forgot the sd card… In the end had a fun session at Cordies.

smile fafa

Couple of lineup and action shots I took:

Shame I forgot to insert the card on the gopro, but eventually a big swell is coming soon so it was good pratice.

what an ass
let the kid go surfing


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