Smack, Bang, Crash

Drove to Cordoama to shoot Gony Zubizarreta. It was his last day here and the waves were pumping. Took a few from top then... bang! Dropped my Nikon D800 to the ground. Kaput.  I think the mount is f+cked, the images come out blurred. I am selling it for parts. Please help me to get another camera … Continue reading Smack, Bang, Crash


Yesterday: Bye 2016

My 2016 ended beautifully: catched some perceves,  shot some land photos, went in the water to shoot Marlon, but forgot the sd card... In the end had a fun session at Cordies. Couple of lineup and action shots I took: Shame I forgot to insert the card on the gopro, but eventually a big swell is … Continue reading Yesterday: Bye 2016

Tube Shot Tutorial

This kind of tube shot, although dificult to make, isn´t exaclty new, hawaiian photographers like Brian Bielmann have done it for years. I just tryed to make it unique by including Portugal´s Costa Vicentina landscape in it and was lucky enough to have former world top surfer Fábio Gouveia around. I checked the swell forecast … Continue reading Tube Shot Tutorial