People Who Surf: Yoni Klein

Met this super nice, mellow bloke at Tiago Oliveira´s place. As we say here: "Amigo do meu amigo meu amigo é."... By chance I had taken this cool pics from Cave while photographing Alby, Torrey and Nic. He payed dinner... Tiago had told me this fantastic story when he and this Israeli surfer surfed perfect … Continue reading People Who Surf: Yoni Klein


Body Surfing by Joel Ridzuan

I was in Ericeira around the Peniche Pro and was sick of the Kelly Slater 720! and the Kelly Slater at The Cave!. When I stumbled up on Joel body surfing Coxos, I felt relieved, something fresh for a change. Cheers mate!

A Different Kind of Assignment Part II

Tired of all the same photos, carrying heavy equipment, credittation bullshit, bad food, etc. This year´s trip to Peniche was a little different. 90% of the time I used my smarphone, 10% my mirrorless camera and 0% my Dslr. Here are the pics from the Nokia Lumia 1020. Don´t tell me it´s ok for the … Continue reading A Different Kind of Assignment Part II

Inside Portugal’s Ericeira Home of Heavy Points And Reefs

Drowned my camera in a water housing leak a couple of days ago so got to shot this with my classic nikkors. Had lots of fun and some classic shots, here are a few, enjoy!