Stranger Than Friction

Enjoying the silly season in Praia da Rocha with top friend Mazari Zoio. Waves were small, but spirits were high. The trouble was rubbing your shoulders with the bathing tourists in front of you. Had a surf and then shot this talented lady. No leashes allowed!   My Vespa keys mystireously disapeared and reapeared after … Continue reading Stranger Than Friction


Who Needs Ass With A Face Like This

Showing your arse has been the hot manouver in the books for the surfer girls for the last years. Even this south african band had an Alana thing going on on their baby is onfire clip I reckon, humhum... My friend Mazari has been on the model thing and all, but doesnt need to stick it … Continue reading Who Needs Ass With A Face Like This

Channel Beach

Good times with friends at this remote beach in the southwest Portugal. Met up local boy Mister Joaquim, still doing fine after all this years. The boyz were ripping, specially Nelson on his retro-movement single fin. Check my facebook page for more stuff here. Follow @jbracourt