Elisa Dibiasi

a rare bird

Here is Elisa, had no idea she painted a couple of pictures I took in Indonesia some years ago. Phil Goodrich has painted one for me before, but this was such a nice surprise. It was good to leave Algarve and drive through Portugal, catching up with old friends like Miguel Ruivo (Elisa´s boyfriend), Tiago Oliveira, Eurico Gonçalves, etc.

joackim guichard

“Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself – Isolation is Dangerous”
Robert Greene


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Wave Solutions Water Housings

Finally my new housing from Wave Solutions Water Housings is ready. Thanks Nunito for the great job. It will used with a Nikon d810 and a 24mm or 85mm lens. Can´t wait to test it.

clean lines

I only ordered the shutter buton and the aperture wheel for it, but if I need I can ad butons on the back plate. That´s one of the advantages of buying this in Portugal, the other one is in case of repair, it´s much easier to send it to Ericeira than Australia, etc.

virgin back plate

Don´t know about the color in case of loosing it in the surf, maybe a gopro on it with those red inflatables will help.


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Spent a couple days in Ericeira for the best swell of the season. Here´s some random pics of trip, plus a video, plus the epic diner at Tasca da Boa Viagem.

Escape to Ericeira from joao bracourt on Vimeo.

It was all fun and games and in the end a 8,800 Kgs Seabass for diner. No soy digno!!!

luis and his baby

Bon appetit!


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Barnacles & Tiago Pires

Drove up to Ericeira for a couple of days to see some old friends. The waves pumped and I took a few photos between havesting perceves. Happens that one pic of Tiago Pires came out nice, maybe because of the low perspective or the 50mm lens. It was chosen for Surfer magazine behind the lens, check it out!

nice barnacles tiago!

Thanks Tiago Oliveira for letting us crash in Ribeira Surf Camp and Luis Duarte for the epic fish at Tasca da Boa Viagem!

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A Different Kind of Assignment Part I

Tired of all the same photos, carrying heavy equipment, credittation bullshit, bad food, etc. This year´s trip to Peniche was a little different. 90% of the time I used my smarphone, 10% my mirrorless camera and 0% my Dslr. This are some pics from the Sony A6000.

Standbuy for the smartphone pictures.


Met Alexandre Ferreira half a dozen years ago, dont know why, but just kept taking great pics of him, like this random encounter in Ericeira back in the day. The first time we actually talked to each other was in Indo after he lost all his boards on the planes and couldnt find a cash machine working. It was funny I had lost a front tooth and looked ridiculous for sure, but I was the one who helped him out. The we scored about 3 great shots for Surf Portugal, that trip. Friendship helps?

Xaninho, Sao Juliao, Ericeira, Portugal, 2008.
Xaninho, Sao Juliao, Ericeira, Portugal, 2008.
We took this ferry, ironacly I had to pay mie pops to everyone.
We took this ferry, ironacly I had to pay mie pops to everyone and rented this mats too.
spread material
spread material

This is his version:

Breklindo sabes bem que adoro o teu trabalho e para mim és sem duvida das mais puras e humildes pessoas que já conheci até hoje lembro-me que a primeira vez que te vi foi em s. Julião a 2 milímetro de completar um Mctwist em cima de ti,coisa que ninguém acredita a segunda foi na indonesia onde sacas-te altas fotos minhas a entubar num dia que todos disseram não haver tubos só tenho pena de não teres estado no HAWAI comigo imagina esta dupla em PIPE com 18 pés. Tudo o que precisares conta comigo tens o meu apoio a 200% PS: I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!