Perceves Deslizantes

event organizer eurico goncalves

Another epic festival in my birth place Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Beau Young, Lola Mignot, Jordan Spee… from America to Japan, good guys. Live music at the beach, free beer, barbecues, rocknroll and art at the garage… Djs. Everything. Checkout the pics:

“Life is trouble. Only death is not. To be alive is to undo your belt and *look* for trouble.”
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Buarcos Freesurf

The tide was wrong and the wind sideshore, the banks weren´t perfect, but great waves runned across this point of Buarcos beautiful bay. It was the first day of Liga Meo Surf at Figueira da Foz and the boys were on it warming up for the event.

early morning check

Check out this little slideshow of the action:

I was born here and lived in this cool street full of old taverns. Lunch time was at Tyrone, where I and Marlon had sardines for days (7 euros with wine and all).

mama tyrone

Eu nasci aqui…


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Gliding Barnacles: Backstage

Thanks again Eurico Gonçalves for another great edition of Gliding Barnacles. Had a blast the 2 days I was there. For you who didnt make it check ou my smartphone pics! The surfing pics are here in case you missed that. Sea you soon Figueira da Foz, love you.

Gliding Barnacles: The Surf

Gliding Barnacles Surf Sesssssssssion!

GB is a display of classic longboard surf by guests and registered participants, accompanied by cultural performances and DJs. Tonight D3O & FRIENDS will be performing at Auto Peninsular, check it out!


A kind of a surf friends gathering happened at Figueira da Foz this late August. It was supposed to be a competition in wich the best surf footage would win, but Gliding Barnicles was more about free loging and great rock roll concerts.
There were also art displays, a shape room, a bing surfboards stand and a second hand rockabilly market. The surf was super fun, reminding Trestles, by the way James Parry came along all from California, Michael Lay from England and Matteo Fabbri from Italy.
The long right hand points of Buarcos weren’t epic, but Cabedelo was super fun with great weather, friendly people and consistent surf. The boys were spoiled with sardines during lunch time and nouvelle cousins in the evening, cortesy of Casa Havanesa. At night Super Bocks were rolling at the event site, it was party time!
More stuff to come!


Longboard Champ Eurico Gonçalves and Cidade Surf Project

Portugal´s Longboarding Champion Eurico Gonçalves hanging five at home in Cabedelo, Figueira da Foz.

Love him or hate him is here to stay and always with a smile on his face.

Doing more than just crazy longboard tricks, Eurico is also involved on the SOS Cabedelo/Cidade Surf project wich was recently presented in Australia by Miguel Figueira, check it here. This was shot at night because neither of us obviously like dawn patrols. Congrats to John Nielson for his Cabedelo´s bag of sand!