Roby D´Amico And His Magic Gopro

Ain´t this great? Italian friend Roby D´Amico and I sharing this moment from diferent angles.  Just another drone photographing this and it would be awsome.

check out the gopro on his mouth
peace brother

So many possibilities, what a great time to be a photographer !


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Yesterday: Bye 2016

My 2016 ended beautifully: catched some perceves,  shot some land photos, went in the water to shoot Marlon, but forgot the sd card… In the end had a fun session at Cordies.

smile fafa

Couple of lineup and action shots I took:

Shame I forgot to insert the card on the gopro, but eventually a big swell is coming soon so it was good pratice.

what an ass
let the kid go surfing


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Hero Just For One Day

Today I had a fun session with the Gopro Hero 2 cam. I think this little thing has a lot of potencial for my photography. Since I was shooting my old self the pics aren´t super, but I am looking forward to set it up on a pro´s board sometime soon with the remote shutter.

drop wallet
drop wallet

I used it in the nose of my board, but I am planning to set it up on the tail for a diferent perspective.

wounded gull
wounded gull

The image quality is not DSLR type, but accepable and the Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition will have 12MP photos at 30 FPS. Can´t stop the technology evolution!