Southern Confort: Batata People

october summer

Worked as a lifeguard here and met some cool people. I keep coming back, great vibes, great view. The infamous lagos beach bar parties are great too!

andre sela

I prefer to surf at Praia da Rocha or Sagres, but Lagos has got some characters and some quite good surfers too…

ex-european champ marlon

Checkout this beautiful autumn day´s gallery!

It all continued throughout the night, but happens in Lagos stays in Lagos, guys. We played pool alright? Ahhah. We did.

keep being lagos, lagos

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
Ernest Hemingway


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15 Pics From My Workshop

Happy with my recent workshop results, the kids are alright. After a rainy day at the pool we got some fun waves to shoot with carabean colors and warm water. Went out with 3 guys: 2 shooting stills and one video, despite a bit of a nasty rip and initial messy conditions they managed to adapt well to the conditions, wich in the end is whats its all about. Speaking of that, later I got a fin on the head and went to the hospital…

Congratulations Luis, Hélio, Hugo and Nicole for the great times it was a pleasure to share my knowledge with you guys.