Random Surfers: Robin Dudley Kersbergen

And here is Robin, a dutch big fella with a warm smile! I met him a couple of years ago with Yannick de Jager and we catched up a few days ago in Praia do Vau. He moves quite fast for his height, check him out! Brek: How long have you been surfing? Robin: I have been … Continue reading Random Surfers: Robin Dudley Kersbergen


Random Surfers: Niels

And here is Niels the best surfer in the Algarve. Well at least the one having the most fun, check him out! "I'm Niels - 14 years old for already 15 years..., and always throthing to go surfing. No dawn is to early and for me every day is epic. Wake up and go to … Continue reading Random Surfers: Niels

Random Surfers: Maria

Here is Maria, daughter of Joao Rosario, former portuguese spearfishing champion. Beware. She was into sailing, but started surfing full on an year ago. Its a blessing to have her big smile in the water. Brek: How long have you been surfing?  M: 1 year Brek: Do you remmember your first good ride?  M: No but … Continue reading Random Surfers: Maria

Best Shot Wins with Russel Ord

From this photos you can see why Russel Ord is currently my favourite photographer. Turns out he is the down to earth kind of guy that is willing to share his story and vision with all of us. Check this interview he gave me: How did it start, what was your relation to the ocean … Continue reading Best Shot Wins with Russel Ord