Crowd 9

I have been surfing this little wedge for 30 years now, sorry… Every now and then some small cats try to scrach my feathers. I hope I hold on a couple of more years. My friend Zé dos Cães went crazy, Xana is dead, it´s only me now… The crowd is getting out of hand.

pico do molhe

Surfer magazine dudes called this the wedge, like newport beach, they said. The sand politicians dumped here made it longer, but fun. All kind of kooks surf it, sup it and bodyboard it. It´s too much sometimes.

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Come back Rory Russel, Dean Pinsack and friends!


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Two Goofies and a Regular

Met up with Roby D´amicoHarry Timson and host Marlon Lipke aka Raul for a couple of sessions around the Algarve. The boys went straight to the lineup scoring good waves escaping the crowd that slowly packed the beach afterwards.

5 min check

First session was great with some barrels, the second one started slow, but went on to be just fine. Later in the day, as the wind droped, I ditched the camera, grabed my board and catched a couple of set waves myself. Stoked!


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