Master Cleanse: Inspiration

If you think I am crazy Kelly is crazy. Check his experience out on the Master Cleanse. Wouldn´t recommend this to everyone though, it´s really hard, just imagine 1 litre hot salt water down your throat! Feel free to ask me any advice on this and happy fasting!


2016 Calendar

Check out my new calendar folks. It´s a mix of recent emotions, places and people I met. I am super grateful of being a photographer, it´s super fun! Enjoy it. Unboxing...

Always on the road: Surf’s up at the Algarve

Got a litlle involved in this clip from OSK and I got to say I am pretty happy about the results. Serious cameraman work, great editing and a nice script resulted in a well sent message. As Alex said, it´s there and it´s growing (the surf scene). Check it out:

Mercedes: Editorial Collab

GARRET MACNAMARA MB PROJECT PHOTOSHOOT Got hired to shoot Gmac at Nazaré for this project called Mind Session. It was about his new Mercedes Surfboard, Nazaré and his limits in the giant surf. 3 days of work, fun and a big swell that was the cherry on top of the cake! Thanks to Jorge, Irina, … Continue reading Mercedes: Editorial Collab

Winter Swell

Got a mesage to cover this swell in Nazaré, but I heard the cops were making it impossible so all the big riders went to spain. I am glad it turned this way because I scored great waves and footage. Overhead surf with rights and lefts, fun and hollow waves. Check it ou!

Just Look at the Parking Lot Larry

Sorry about the post title, but it´s one of my favourite cinema takes from the movie A Serious Man when the junior rabi tells something like: "you have to look with new eyes...", etc. That´s what I am doing editing this ex b stuff I had on my hard drive. Looking at the parking lot.