Bad Call


Way out north there was this fella I wanna tell ya about. Goes by the name of Eurico Romaguera. At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. See, this Romaguera, he called himself “Kiko”. Got a chance to shoot him logging around Sagres a couple of weeks ago, a cool cat.

fake hangfive at castelejo

The intro text was copied from Big Lebowski movie, one of my times favourite, but check this dudes style, totally legit!

poised at zavial
just be

We were tracking this mistery swell that never turned up… Super bad call, it had been pumping a couple of days ago. By the way he lost his wallet, checked the water temperature somking a cigarette and he was very selective with hot girls.

“A wiser fella once said, sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, the bar eats you.”

Big Lebowski

I think he meant the bear.

Sometimes you win sometimes you loose…


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Castelejo Longboard Classic

Small waves and friendly longboarders yesterday! We just randomly got to the beach and suddenly we were like 10 loggers in the water. Had to get in for a while and shoot the crew, check it out:


Happy campers, despite the overcast and little showers.

With the presence of portuguese longboard champ João Dantas!


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Gliding Barnacles: The Surf

Gliding Barnacles Surf Sesssssssssion!

GB is a display of classic longboard surf by guests and registered participants, accompanied by cultural performances and DJs. Tonight D3O & FRIENDS will be performing at Auto Peninsular, check it out!


A kind of a surf friends gathering happened at Figueira da Foz this late August. It was supposed to be a competition in wich the best surf footage would win, but Gliding Barnicles was more about free loging and great rock roll concerts.
There were also art displays, a shape room, a bing surfboards stand and a second hand rockabilly market. The surf was super fun, reminding Trestles, by the way James Parry came along all from California, Michael Lay from England and Matteo Fabbri from Italy.
The long right hand points of Buarcos weren’t epic, but Cabedelo was super fun with great weather, friendly people and consistent surf. The boys were spoiled with sardines during lunch time and nouvelle cousins in the evening, cortesy of Casa Havanesa. At night Super Bocks were rolling at the event site, it was party time!
More stuff to come!


Salinas Longboard Festival

Last week I cured my ear infection camping in Salinas in the north of Spain. Checked the lonngboard hipsters, the lifestyle and vibe of the place. Big thanks to the friendly locals, I will be brek!