Maccas Session

Long time ago I bumped into this dudes at Macaronis.  I was aboard the mitic Koala, a little indonesian cargo boat, but what mattered was to be there, luxury yatch or not. Yes Dane Reynolds got some good ones, as did Dusty Payne, Julian, blahblah... I liked to see Kong´s reckless abandon though, lol. Forgive my sarcasm. Buy … Continue reading Maccas Session

Dane Reynolds Photoshoot

Perfect light and the best surfer in the world ripping in front of you, can you ask for more? Mr. Dane Reynolds. This was a few years ago before the 2011 tsunami, you can see there were trees in the background.  Unfortunatly I didnt know anyone or had a clue how editorial surfing works so … Continue reading Dane Reynolds Photoshoot