Print Is Not Dead: Pacific Longboarder

In the ultra modern age of the 21st century plates are square or even triangular. To be honest, I am pretty conservative when it comes to food, it´s not that I am against brazillian wax, but gourmet, design and sushi... Anyway, found inspiration for my Pacific Longboarder magazine piece in this old plate of mine, check … Continue reading Print Is Not Dead: Pacific Longboarder


Neorion: Phase one

Time to cross the Atlantic ocean folks. Not a pacific thing to do, the north Atlantic is no joke. We have had some problems with electronic, leakings, bildge pump, etc. Made it to Madeira island and soon we will be off to the Canary islands. The boat is a classic schooner named Neorion. Beautiful, beautiful! In … Continue reading Neorion: Phase one

The #Selfie Chronicles

My latest piece was just published at The Inertia and Surftotal websites. I had a good time editing it, fisheye makes me even uglier than my mark, had a good laugh. The concept is really raw: photos that document my career in an acidental way, I was just checking the camera settings, trigger, etc.