Print Is Not Dead: Prime Surfing Mag

Happy to have this spread of Nic von Rupp published in the latest Prime Surfing mag edition. The cover has Leon Glazer flying high in the tropics. Too fantastic german Homo sapiens specimens with a touch of neanderthal raw power. Specimen 1 Specimen 2 "Art is making something out of nothing and selling it." … Continue reading Print Is Not Dead: Prime Surfing Mag


Print Is Not Dead

A couple of months I published a couple of photos in Italy and now Germany. Incridible how people still buy magazines! I used to steal them when I was 15, that´s how I learned english. Now they steal from me, most of the times, lol. Like most germans this guys from Prime Surfing are good, … Continue reading Print Is Not Dead

Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Just published this article in Surf portugal Mag. It was 3 intense days with hawaian surf, although I have never been to Hawaii, but I guess we can call Azores the portuguese Hawaii. Professional surfer Marco Giorgi was calling it 12 foot on the bigger sets... Here´s Nic on a bomb of of wave that … Continue reading Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Stab Mag Pic

If you happen to be in the land down under try to get me this magazine. Australian Stab Mag runned this spread of mine in it´s latest print edition. It´s Nic vonn Rupp and was shot in Sagres, Portugal. It was news at Surf Portugal and Onfire websites. First portuguese photog to do that so I am super … Continue reading Stab Mag Pic

Who is Bruno Smith?

Been following Bruno Smith´s photography for a while now, this is not the first post I make about him. Thing is he just got a cover in the bible of the sport Surfer Magazine! Had a chance to cacth up with him and here´s what he told me about that shot: "This was shot in … Continue reading Who is Bruno Smith?