Hot & Cold

Algarve is nice. The sweetest weather you can have. When it rains you still can find a window to surf. In Sagres it can be harsh though. Yesterday I slept there with thunder storms and really cold. Half an hour drive to the east and it can be hot... Cientists say it´s a mixture of complex micro … Continue reading Hot & Cold


Random Surfers: Martim Magalhães

And here is Romeu, sorry Martim lol, a young gun from south Portugal with a small in stature, but big in heart. Check him out! Brek: How long have you been surfing? Martim:  I think I've been in the surf for almost 10 years, I started a few days after arriving in the Algarve. Brek: … Continue reading Random Surfers: Martim Magalhães

The Divine Kanguru

"But in the winter: worldclass surf, big surf." João Bracourt


Father and Son

Martim Magalhães is a kid learning to surf with former portuguese top competitive surfer Francisco Canelas. This day I catched a ride with them to get some waves with my singlefin and aterwards shot this pics. Nice kid, super coach, fun waves and nice ass.