Mazari By The Sea

A sunny day with the seductive Mazari in one of the most terrible March months in almost a century. Waves were tiny, but the light was beautiful and the temperature was mild here in the Algarve. She got her 5mm wetsuit on, but I wished she had taken the bikini. Even with this rigorous winters I am … Continue reading Mazari By The Sea


Sliding Society

Went to Faro for this longboarding contest to have some wine with old friends, the waves sucked, but who cares even met new ones like João Lima and Diogo Gonçalves. Almost made a tatoo with Catherina Cardoso too, ahah! Check out the action. Thanks Necas for the nice event, always nice to go back to … Continue reading Sliding Society

Technical Surf Coaching: Going Full Circle

When I first started this wordpress page I was 110% focused on surf photography. Recently I realized it wasnt all about the picture, the story behind it also matered. I got back surfing, spearfishing, just enjoying the ocean for myself. Now I want to spread the love, I started doing this technical surf coaching with … Continue reading Technical Surf Coaching: Going Full Circle