Random Surfers: Alain Vacheron

And here is Alain, a fellow photographer and bon vivant. He´s travelled from Morroco to the Mentawai, but lives in the north of Landes in France. Rides a 7 foot single fin, just like me and loves Portugal, check him out! Brek: How long have you been surfing? Alain: I am currently 51 and I surf … Continue reading Random Surfers: Alain Vacheron


2017 Calendar

Hi, this is the way I see winter, spring, summer and autumn, check out my new calendar, its bigger and better, I think. Don´t follow me on Instagram!

Maccas Session

Long time ago I bumped into this dudes at Macaronis.  I was aboard the mitic Koala, a little indonesian cargo boat, but what mattered was to be there, luxury yatch or not. Yes Dane Reynolds got some good ones, as did Dusty Payne, Julian, blahblah... I liked to see Kong´s reckless abandon though, lol. Forgive my sarcasm. Buy … Continue reading Maccas Session

Technical Surf Coaching: Going Full Circle

When I first started this wordpress page I was 110% focused on surf photography. Recently I realized it wasnt all about the picture, the story behind it also matered. I got back surfing, spearfishing, just enjoying the ocean for myself. Now I want to spread the love, I started doing this technical surf coaching with … Continue reading Technical Surf Coaching: Going Full Circle

Mamiya 6: Indo negatives

Six years ago I went to Indonesia ready to shoot photos. Kids nowadays follow my footsteps trying to get to the photography El Dorado. Besides my Nikon D300, water housing, 50mm, 80/200mm and 500mm monster lenses I also took a Mamiya medium format film camera with me. Here´s some random pics, check it out.