Random Surfers: Alain Vacheron

And here is Alain, a fellow photographer and bon vivant. He´s travelled from Morroco to the Mentawai, but lives in the north of Landes in France. Rides a 7 foot single fin, just like me and loves Portugal, check him out! Brek: How long have you been surfing? Alain: I am currently 51 and I surf … Continue reading Random Surfers: Alain Vacheron

2017 Calendar

Hi, this is the way I see winter, spring, summer and autumn, check out my new calendar, its bigger and better, I think. Don´t follow me on Instagram!

Maccas Session

Long time ago I bumped into this dudes at Macaronis.  I was aboard the mitic Koala, a little indonesian cargo boat, but what mattered was to be there, luxury yatch or not. Yes Dane Reynolds got some good ones, as did Dusty Payne, Julian, blahblah... I liked to see Kong´s reckless abandon though, lol. Forgive my sarcasm. Buy … Continue reading Maccas Session

Technical Surf Coaching: Going Full Circle

When I first started this wordpress page I was 110% focused on surf photography. Recently I realized it wasnt all about the picture, the story behind it also matered. I got back surfing, spearfishing, just enjoying the ocean for myself. Now I want to spread the love, I started doing this technical surf coaching with … Continue reading Technical Surf Coaching: Going Full Circle

Mamiya 6: Indo negatives

Six years ago I went to Indonesia ready to shoot photos. Kids nowadays follow my footsteps trying to get to the photography El Dorado. Besides my Nikon D300, water housing, 50mm, 80/200mm and 500mm monster lenses I also took a Mamiya medium format film camera with me. Here´s some random pics, check it out.

Last Trip to Sumatra

http://youtu.be/UzcR7FbF_6g Travelling in the barrel with my mates hooting from the channel brough me back the joy of surfing. This trip has been a game change for me, sick of professional surfing, spoiled kids, etc. I still enjoy shooting guys charging, but I think am going back to the roots. Can´t wait to get a … Continue reading Last Trip to Sumatra

Sorry, Gone to the Mentawai…

Sorry to leave you guys out there all alone in the interthewebs... Had to take a break. Having fun in Sumatra, waves have been good, plenty of inspiration and more stuff to come on this blog. Back in water surfing and puting it on rail full speed, what a feeling, thanks once again Indonesia. Did … Continue reading Sorry, Gone to the Mentawai…