Não, Não, Não!

Went up to my city of birth Figueira da Foz to watch the Liga Meo Pro Surf event. The waves were good on the first days. Catched up with my friends Eurico Gonçalves and Miguel Figueira from the SOS Cabedelo organization. This poilicians are trying to build a wall in front of Cabedelo´s wave, that´s … Continue reading Não, Não, Não!



A kind of a surf friends gathering happened at Figueira da Foz this late August. It was supposed to be a competition in wich the best surf footage would win, but Gliding Barnicles was more about free loging and great rock roll concerts. There were also art displays, a shape room, a bing surfboards stand … Continue reading OUT OF THE BLUE: GLIDING BARNACLES AT FIGUEIRA DA FOZ

Not Too Selfish To Save Waves

https://vimeo.com/77481562 For those who don´t understand shit about portuguese, this guy Eurico Gonçalves has been travelling the world with his mate award winning arquitect Miguel Figueira trying to save waves. I recently catched up with them here in the beautiful Algarve during a seminar they were invited to and spent some quality time with my … Continue reading Not Too Selfish To Save Waves

Cidade Surf

Depois de vencermos o premio Milenium BCP/Expresso os projectos deste movimento de cidadaos da figueira da foz, no qual humildemente me incluo, tem-se multiplicado: a candidatura a reserva mundial de surf, varias palestras nomeadamente no Workshop Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável, promovido pela ANJE, e no Departamento de Arquitectura da FCTUC, em Coimbra no WT de … Continue reading Cidade Surf