Hot & Cold

Algarve is nice. The sweetest weather you can have. When it rains you still can find a window to surf. In Sagres it can be harsh though. Yesterday I slept there with thunder storms and really cold. Half an hour drive to the east and it can be hot…


Cientists say it´s a mixture of complex micro climates. I like it, keeps me on my feet. There are all sorts of waves too: from ground swells from the north to windswells from Gibraltar we got it all.


Indonesia and the Caribbean suck!


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Not Your Cup of Tea

Storm surf in the Algarve means sheltered bays and fun surf. This time I didn´t surf, too much rain and bacteria floating around. Checked Alemão and waited for Marlon Lipke to turn up and eventually made some photos of the boys, check it out!

Praia do Alemão

Love this colors, the only place I have been that is close to this is Bali, but it´s now destroyed, anyway. The Algarve is mostly a golf retreat in the winter, only the odd kook foreign surfer here and there…

marlon is not a kook

Sagres is ok, but I love my city. It´s the shopping malls!


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Circuito Regional de Surf do Sul: The Death of Surfing

Your mother is putting your wetsuit on, your father is carrying your board, it´s 1 foot onshore, but you got to go, it´s competition day. You need that pic for the facebook… Go straight to hell boy. Go straight to hell boy!
Circuito Regional de Surf do Sul 2016 parody.


Gony By The Wind

gony living the good life
gony living the good life

I don´t travel to waves. The waves travel to me.




Gony and a couple of Canary kids showed up at our place last week. Strong offshore and nice banks made some really fun sessions. Marlon, Alex, Mouzinho and the Guichard bros eventually were there to show them the ropes. I just had to click.


other one
other one
alex bauduin
alex bauduin

The swell eventually came up with the rising tide.

high tide bank
high tide bank

Nothing epic, but I might use a pic for my upcoming book Trippin Down South.

Run & Gun

After a while mastering composition, deph of field and other technical details decided to get in in the water with my fisheye setup. The waves weren´t that great, but it felt good to get worked out. Maybe a good training for the offshore days ahead, the clouds were epic though. Check it out!

The Rock

Endless surf around this parts with new sand banks and unexpected waves. This time with Marlon, Miguel and Melvin. The best shot was Melvin´s unfortunatly can´t show you yet, maybe some mag cover soon.