Não, Não, Não!

Went up to my city of birth Figueira da Foz to watch the Liga Meo Pro Surf event. The waves were good on the first days. Catched up with my friends Eurico Gonçalves and Miguel Figueira from the SOS Cabedelo organization. This poilicians are trying to build a wall in front of Cabedelo´s wave, that´s … Continue reading Não, Não, Não!


Circuito Regional de Surf do Sul: The Death of Surfing

Your mother is putting your wetsuit on, your father is carrying your board, it´s 1 foot onshore, but you got to go, it´s competition day. You need that pic for the facebook... Go straight to hell boy. Go straight to hell boy! Circuito Regional de Surf do Sul 2016 parody.

Figueira da Foz Crew

I shot this random pics during the Meo National Surfing Comp some months ago and all I can say this is the best people in Portugal. Obrigado pelos good times companheiros!!! The one´s not here know I feel the same about them, craziest friendliest tramelgas in the world. Follow @jbracourt