We all hate kids right? Well, they are kids thats a good reason all alone to hate them, but this kid is special, he´s got style, mr smooth, Rob Machado without a fro and Rastovich without trying to save a whale. This is just a couple of shitty pics I took him in todays windswell, … Continue reading Alcobia


Thanks Alex Botelho and Leo Belime for a great adventure and naming a new wave. Getting away from the crowds is still possible in Portugal. It may involve trekking, cliff climbing and other exciting/hazzardous things, but that´s the whole point of it. The outdoor is out there my friends, enjoy it. BAL stands for Brek, … Continue reading BAL

Half Beach

Everybody loves Lagos, Algarve, its the south end of the rail road in europe and kind a mythical place too. The bars (joe´s garage, mullens, zapata, etc), the parties and now the burgers (nah nah bah) are epic. Once in a while we get this south coast wind swell from Gibraltar that hits Meia Praia. … Continue reading Half Beach

My Story

In 2008 I flew from Portugal to Indonesia to learn how to shoot surfing from the water. Instead of making some photography course went one month to Bali followed by two months in the Sumatra region. Rubber meets the road. The "portuguese tiger" Tiago Pires showed up at Canggu with his raw power surfing, he … Continue reading My Story

João Macedo Surf Portugal Spread

Publiquei uma pagina dupla na ultima Surf Portugal do surfista de ondas grandes João de Macedo. A minha lente grande estava no arranjo, mas fui criativo e consegui obter este angulo. Published this spread of big wave surfer João de Macedo. My big glass was at the repair shop so I had to get creative … Continue reading João Macedo Surf Portugal Spread