Crowd 9

I have been surfing this little wedge for 30 years now, sorry... Every now and then some small cats try to scrach my feathers. I hope I hold on a couple of more years. My friend Zé dos Cães went crazy, Xana is dead, it´s only me now... The crowd is getting out of hand. Surfer … Continue reading Crowd 9


Having Fun On My Singlefin

Had the luck to have friend Tó Mané take this pictures of me the last weekend. It was during the GShock event at my home break, it´s sponsored by Surfterra, a photo platform you should check out. This is me on my trusty Retro Movement 6´1 singlefin. A bit hard to turn, but fast as … Continue reading Having Fun On My Singlefin

Portimão Surf Club Inauguration

Yesterday we had this party at the beach, it was the Portimão Surf Club inauguration, our club. We got 3 generations around this project and will hopefully help eachother in the future. Our house isnt in the midlle of our street, its in the midlle of our beach! Also did a performance... seting up a … Continue reading Portimão Surf Club Inauguration