The Unexpected Wasted Talent Movie Premier In Lagos

I was surfing the the point at Ponta Ruiva when my friend Mealha told me Chipa Wilson was going crazy in the beach break. I heard Wasted Talent mag crew was around so had my gear at the car. Caught a wave in, got my housing ready and went for a swim. Got to shoot … Continue reading The Unexpected Wasted Talent Movie Premier In Lagos

Yes We Could

You don´t have to be a pro to rule my world. I am doing this kook photoshoots, let me know if you are intrested. I can make you look almost as good as Jagodes and Franken! The Moorey eel sandwich is an extra. Check out my Instagram feed!

Searching For Xana

Met up with Aaron Chang and some american pro surfers at Ponta Ruiva back in the day. Xana, a long time hardcore explorer of this mythical coast, was on it and stealed the show. He later apeared surfing on a national tv show with Brad Gerlach sharing some kind words about him. After some years … Continue reading Searching For Xana