There´s A Big Dilema About The Big Storm Emma

Emma was mixing pleasure with pain yesterday. The surfers were happy, at least the ones who don´t have beach businesses... Waves everywhere, including inside Portimão harbour. Portuguese Kai Lenny Arnaud Dussen was on it as well as Portimão Surf Club actual president Francisco Canelas. The policia maritima kicked the boys out of the water, but … Continue reading There´s A Big Dilema About The Big Storm Emma


Faina: A Little Exhibition

Made this show at Faina a couple of days ago, sorry I didn´t invite you. It´s pretty small. The food is big time. And so is the wine. Chack out some photos of the vernissage. Thanks to Emidio Freire, Ana, David, etc. You know who.  Whooohoo! Anyway great selection of wine and deliciouse food, check … Continue reading Faina: A Little Exhibition

People Who Used To Surf: Paulo dos Pardais

Paulo dos Pardais aka Paulan was one of the surf pioneers in the Algarve. He sailed the seven seas and was great diver, a true waterman you can say. He opened the first surfshop in Portimão having my uncle António Cândido as a finance backup. He´s still a businessman having Malibu pro runners store and running Algarve … Continue reading People Who Used To Surf: Paulo dos Pardais

Portimão Surf Club Inauguration

Yesterday we had this party at the beach, it was the Portimão Surf Club inauguration, our club. We got 3 generations around this project and will hopefully help eachother in the future. Our house isnt in the midlle of our street, its in the midlle of our beach! Also did a performance... seting up a … Continue reading Portimão Surf Club Inauguration

Winter Swell

Got a mesage to cover this swell in Nazaré, but I heard the cops were making it impossible so all the big riders went to spain. I am glad it turned this way because I scored great waves and footage. Overhead surf with rights and lefts, fun and hollow waves. Check it ou!

Not Too Selfish To Save Waves For those who don´t understand shit about portuguese, this guy Eurico Gonçalves has been travelling the world with his mate award winning arquitect Miguel Figueira trying to save waves. I recently catched up with them here in the beautiful Algarve during a seminar they were invited to and spent some quality time with my … Continue reading Not Too Selfish To Save Waves