Crowd 9

I have been surfing this little wedge for 30 years now, sorry... Every now and then some small cats try to scrach my feathers. I hope I hold on a couple of more years. My friend Zé dos Cães went crazy, Xana is dead, it´s only me now... The crowd is getting out of hand. Surfer … Continue reading Crowd 9


Random Surfers: Nelson Paulino

Here is Nelson Paulino aka Kid ex biker and good bloke: He says only surfs backside and backflip, sells meat and meat and his secret plan is secret. Brek: How long have you been surfing? Nelson: 3 years now, never thought I could do it, just liked being in the water and being a kook. … Continue reading Random Surfers: Nelson Paulino

Random Surfers: Maria

Here is Maria, daughter of Joao Rosario, former portuguese spearfishing champion. Beware. She was into sailing, but started surfing full on an year ago. Its a blessing to have her big smile in the water. Brek: How long have you been surfing?  M: 1 year Brek: Do you remmember your first good ride?  M: No but … Continue reading Random Surfers: Maria

Random Surfers: Pedro João

And here we have Pedro João aka Sherpa a Physical Education Teacher that started surfing at age 43. It´s impressive the wave count he gets every session, I have seen him catch 7 waves in less than 2 minutes! He played soccer, volley ball and did some climbing, maybe that explains something. Always a cool character … Continue reading Random Surfers: Pedro João

Radio Camping

  Catched up with Lee Ann Curren once again. She had a great crew coming here this time: two skaters and a longboarder. I got to shoot her at Praia da Rocha and Arrifana, small and big surf, always super fun! Here´s a couple pics, check it out.

Having Fun On My Singlefin

Had the luck to have friend Tó Mané take this pictures of me the last weekend. It was during the GShock event at my home break, it´s sponsored by Surfterra, a photo platform you should check out. This is me on my trusty Retro Movement 6´1 singlefin. A bit hard to turn, but fast as … Continue reading Having Fun On My Singlefin