Print Is Not Dead

A couple of months I published a couple of photos in Italy and now Germany. Incridible how people still buy magazines! I used to steal them when I was 15, that´s how I learned english. Now they steal from me, most of the times, lol.

marlon lipke inside a cordies barrel

Like most germans this guys from Prime Surfing are good, though.


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Selling Out

amado diasec

I will be launching some stuff for sale soon, some prints, tshirts, etc. Everything I have been sharing with you is free, sometimes I will even publish editorial potencial stuff here, without send it to the mags, but don´t worry I won´t sell out. I will keep spreading the stoke with you as always.

faro tee

Here´s some of the stuff I will have for sale: Diasec premium prints (250€ 100x70cm) and tees for 15€.

You can still by my prints off 6feetandperfect gallery and give the french guys some love too.