Gliding Barnacles: Day Shift

The concert´s change of venue from Figueira da Foz to Cabedelo beach just made us surf more. Day and night, partying until 3/4/5 am. Most of the guys crashed here, in the vans,  tents, hangar, etc. Barbecues; small market including Gato Heroi´s shapes, shorts; Surf Brewing beers...  At taste of paradise. Or hell. This year´s … Continue reading Gliding Barnacles: Day Shift


Gato Heroi: Robin Kegel

Met this guy at Salinas last year, just check this gringo surfing here, he´s a mother. I think he shapes his own boards too. Jesus christ! Can´t wait to get back to one of the world´s best festivals for more of this stuff.

Salinas Longboard Festival

Last week I cured my ear infection camping in Salinas in the north of Spain. Checked the lonngboard hipsters, the lifestyle and vibe of the place. Big thanks to the friendly locals, I will be brek!