I Shot a Wedding

Had the honor to photograph my dear friends Rodrigo and Thais wedding the other day. It was a beautiful simple ceremony by the beach. No poses for the camera, no priest, just love. All the best for you and thanks for the inspiration guys! Ah, forgot to tell you: my girlfriend searched for Praia da … Continue reading I Shot a Wedding


Sagres Sucks

It was carnival and everyone came down south chasing the little Hercules. Keeping it´s fickle tradition this coast didnt deliver, waves were small and shitty. With a little effort, the help of the scenery and fresh air I tryed to make the most of it. Here´s some random pics of the holydays, check it out!

The Dangerous Process of Goose Barnacles Harvesting

"We were referred to a surf photographer João Bracourt AKA ‘’Brek’’. Brek was keen on the idea of being our host and accepted to bring us to his secret spot. Our mind was blown by the beauty of the landscape and our tastebuds were in paradise. We were blessed!" Travel Basecamp Had the pleasure to … Continue reading The Dangerous Process of Goose Barnacles Harvesting