Russel Brek

There should be a comma in the title. I wouldn´t mind the name Russel though, kiwi Russel Crow is a cool bloke and this kid... what a bout Russel Bierke? Maybe the most talked surfer of the moment, right? His clip FLOWSTATE is setting the surf world on fire, for sure! Well, I met him not … Continue reading Russel Brek

Drive Thru: Chouriço Overdose

Life is short. Thought it was time to go for a spin. The swell looked massive, maybe too big for Ericeira and too west for Nazare, but decided to roll the dice with my friend Sebastian Salty Frames anyway. Stoped in Alentejo to have a cofee and buy some bread and local chouriço. Stayed with … Continue reading Drive Thru: Chouriço Overdose