People Who Used to Surf: Brad Flora

Met this punk last year at Ericeira, he comes from the east coast of the USA and has an unique style, wich is not very common nowadays. Love his boards paintjobs, crazy airs and careless attitude, specially surfing some slabs around Ericeira. The reason this kid is in this categorie (people who used to surf) is … Continue reading People Who Used to Surf: Brad Flora


Inside Marroco

Living in the Algarve I can catch a plane from Seville and in less than 2 hours I am in Marrakesh, a great destiny in itself. But for me the main reason to go back to Marroco is wandering around in public buses and taxis. I believe trying to fit inside a packed Mercedes 240 … Continue reading Inside Marroco

Inside Portugal’s Ericeira Home of Heavy Points And Reefs

Drowned my camera in a water housing leak a couple of days ago so got to shot this with my classic nikkors. Had lots of fun and some classic shots, here are a few, enjoy!

Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Just published this article in Surf portugal Mag. It was 3 intense days with hawaian surf, although I have never been to Hawaii, but I guess we can call Azores the portuguese Hawaii. Professional surfer Marco Giorgi was calling it 12 foot on the bigger sets... Here´s Nic on a bomb of of wave that … Continue reading Nic Von Rupp and Portuguese Slab

Best Shot Wins with Russel Ord

From this photos you can see why Russel Ord is currently my favourite photographer. Turns out he is the down to earth kind of guy that is willing to share his story and vision with all of us. Check this interview he gave me: How did it start, what was your relation to the ocean … Continue reading Best Shot Wins with Russel Ord