Crowd 9

I have been surfing this little wedge for 30 years now, sorry… Every now and then some small cats try to scrach my feathers. I hope I hold on a couple of more years. My friend Zé dos Cães went crazy, Xana is dead, it´s only me now… The crowd is getting out of hand.

pico do molhe

Surfer magazine dudes called this the wedge, like newport beach, they said. The sand politicians dumped here made it longer, but fun. All kind of kooks surf it, sup it and bodyboard it. It´s too much sometimes.

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Come back Rory Russel, Dean Pinsack and friends!


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Rocha Surf Shop Cocktail Party

No selfies here, just my lowsy chinese smartphone pics from the party yesterday at Rocha surfshop, with the presence of pro surfers Gony Zubizarreta and Marlon Lipke, check it out!


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Lean & Not So Mean

Its been a couple of months since my master cleanse. Alex Botelho also did it after me and theres a bunch of friends thinking about it now. I am very happy with it and I still havent gained weight since. Here I am going for a body surf in Peniche!


Just staying away from bread, milk and cheese. Never cared for pizzas, yak! Zero junk food of course. Ah! no potatos apart from the sweet ones.

need new trunks

“Cold is my warm friend.” Wim Hof


Master Cleanse: Day 3

Doing good on my first master cleanse. Feeling light, calm with clear vision. The only shit is the shit: getting rid of it… The salt water flush is quite effective, but is always a pain. Don´t know about the Senna tea I am taking, it´s not doing much. Also got this white tongue, but it´s normal in this detox. Apart from that honkydonky don´t even think about food or craving of any kind, even beer!

Use only none iodonized salt and never table salt for this, two tea spoons in a litre.