(இணைப்பு): Trailer

Super proud of my dear friend Loïc Wirth doing this great imagery! I met him here in the Algarve a few years ago, he´s a Sagres fanatic like me. Last year he brought a big crew to film at the southwestern tip of europe, but the ocean went flat…

gliding at beliche

Check his new movie trailer, this guy is getting better and better!

Spread the love guys!

next time there will be waves

“O invisível aos olhos
Por estar dentro de onde existir amor
Obrigado por nos ensinar a voar…”

Loïc Wirth


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sea you soon mentawai

Last Trip to Sumatra

Travelling in the barrel with my mates hooting from the channel brough me back the joy of surfing. This trip has been a game change for me, sick of professional surfing, spoiled kids, etc. I still enjoy shooting guys charging, but I think am going back to the roots. Can´t wait to get a classic surfboard under my feet.

sea you soon mentawai
sea you soon mentawai

Thanks Gonçalo Ruivo from Mikumba Fish Boat, Twothirds, FCS, Gilles Vieira for lending me his Surfboard and Sujud for filming me.


Tiago Pires Wave of the Winter at HsurfO

Ok Garret Macnamara´s wave was bigger, but last March Tiago Pires rode what he called one of his top 3 waves of his life in Ericeira, Portugal. It was a crazy double barrel and I got lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and got the moment in still and video. Here´s an edit Tito da Costa did, it´s online now at his website HsurfO, thanks Canigia for the land shot.

Surf Portugal #231