Stranger Than Friction

Enjoying the silly season in Praia da Rocha with top friend Mazari Zoio. Waves were small, but spirits were high. The trouble was rubbing your shoulders with the bathing tourists in front of you. Had a surf and then shot this talented lady. No leashes allowed!   My Vespa keys mystireously disapeared and reapeared after … Continue reading Stranger Than Friction


Wave Solutions Water Housings

Killer water housings made in Portugal by Nuninho. Altas caixas estanques feitas em Portugal pelo Nuninho. Small and tight. Pequenas e apertadinhas. Total control. Controle total. A great solution in water housings in Europe with no customs hassles. Uma boa solução em caixas estaques na Europa sem as chatices da alfandega. WaveSolutionsHousings Follow @jbracourt