Wave Solutions Water Housings

Finally my new housing from Wave Solutions Water Housings is ready. Thanks Nunito for the great job. It will used with a Nikon d810 and a 24mm or 85mm lens. Can´t wait to test it. I only ordered the shutter buton and the aperture wheel for it, but if I need I can ad butons … Continue reading Wave Solutions Water Housings


The #Selfie Chronicles

My latest piece was just published at The Inertia and Surftotal websites. I had a good time editing it, fisheye makes me even uglier than my mark, had a good laugh. The concept is really raw: photos that document my career in an acidental way, I was just checking the camera settings, trigger, etc.

Water Photography Workshop

From 14 of september to 15 I will be sharing all I know about shooting stills in the water in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal. Waterhousings tricks and tips, presets, equipment, business, etc. We will start off with some little theory then jump in the pool to learn how to setup things, try different cameras, lenses, techniques, … Continue reading Water Photography Workshop