Broken Camera

In a way I am glad I broke this electronic beast. It has forced me to challenge my brain with this pastel thing I am doing. Maybe you don´t know, but I painted before I got into photography, mostly abstract and collage stuff. It´s amazing when you combine diferent skills. Having a blast. Even wrote … Continue reading Broken Camera


Moody Waters

I can be moody. Maybe that´s the ocean. If you go with the flow it means you have to go fast then slow, then stop, repeat and viceversa. Stability is a bad sign, I heard when your heart is beating to the same pace all day your are in trouble. Mine isn´t. I also heard … Continue reading Moody Waters


Slep in Carrapateira to watch Doris show. Glad it wasn´t Hercules otherwise our vans would have been trashed really bad. We slep by the rivermouth, not a sensible thing to do... The sky had stars and the temperature was mild, didn´t sleep much thinking about Doris, sorry Bianca. Woke up at 6:30 and headed to … Continue reading Doris


Tive a ver a Surfline´s Spot Check e lembrei-me dos momentos que já passei em Dikatiet... Já cá estive de barco várias vezes e em terra. Na casa da Mama as pulgas e os mosquitos engraçaram comigo, mas curti, ía a pé até Lance´s left, comia lotec (20 centimos) bebia cerveja do Hussain e conheci … Continue reading HT´s

Trip to Nias

Fui buscar 3 surfistas do team lightning bolt ao aeroporto de Medan logo começaram os problemas: não havia pranchas. Era a primeira vez que os via e por azar tinha acabado de perder o pivot da frente nas ondas de Bawa. Um azar nunca vem só e os aviões para Nias, onde tinhamos de estar … Continue reading Trip to Nias