Gony Is All In

Gony, Gonzalo. Moya, Zubizarreta, whatever. Surfer, entrepreneur and lover, not sure about the order. Friend. Stoked to see this guy doing well in my home town winning Liga Meo Figueira da Foz Pro. I have a lot of respect for this guys, like Marlon, Saca and Kikas now; travelling around the globe competing and for … Continue reading Gony Is All In


Sagres Sucks

It was carnival and everyone came down south chasing the little Hercules. Keeping it´s fickle tradition this coast didnt deliver, waves were small and shitty. With a little effort, the help of the scenery and fresh air I tryed to make the most of it. Here´s some random pics of the holydays, check it out!

Gony By The Wind

I don´t travel to waves. The waves travel to me.   Gony and a couple of Canary kids showed up at our place last week. Strong offshore and nice banks made some really fun sessions. Marlon, Alex, Mouzinho and the Guichard bros eventually were there to show them the ropes. I just had to click. … Continue reading Gony By The Wind